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Student services and support programs

Learning Support


Students who require extra support within the classroom are identified by teachers through the Student Services Commitee which comprises of the Principal, Head of Curriculum/Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy, the Head of Special Education Services and the Guidance Officer. The committee meets regularly discussing new referrals and progress with currently identified students.  

Evidence is gathered by the classroom teacher on the student’s abilities and the classroom teacher arranges an interview with the parents to discuss the academic progress of the child. The parents are asked for their consent for the teacher to consult with the Student Services Committee. The Student Services Committee look at the evidence gathered by the teacher and make recommendations to the classroom teacher as to how to best cater for the child. If further assessments are required by the Guidance Officer, Occupational Therapist or Speech Language Therapist, parents will be informed and referrals completed by the parents and classroom teacher. Vision and hearing tests will also be required to rule out any difficulties in these areas. Once an assessment is made, the specialists are able to make recommendations to the classroom teacher as to how to best cater for their learning needs.    

Classroom teachers also differentiate the curriculum to cater for individual learning requirements. This can be done in numerous ways including changing the presentation of the lesson, the way in which work is completed, the assessment method and the assessment content.    

If you are a new enrolment to the school and your child has already been identified as requiring learning support or has had assessments by specialist services, it is very important that you inform the school so that appropriate support can be provided immediately.  

If you have any concerns regarding the progress of your child, please arrange an interview with your child’s classroom teacher who will in turn consult with the Studen Services Committee if required. You are more than welcome to make an appointment through the school office to see the Head of Curriculum/Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy.